Friday, February 22, 2008

Whither Dan?

Where is Dan? Last spring when Shaughnessy shoowed up to spring training, he wrote articles for about 18 days in a row. I thought we would get more of the same when Dan started this spring. Dan wrote a few pieces but they have abruptly stopped. Why would they send him on a Florida assignment and then have sit there and contribute nothing? [Insert punchline here.] Did they pull him back to the mothership? Did they finally come to their senses?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, all those people that the Globe jettisoned with pink slips probably want to know what Carrot-Top is doing on the Company's dime if he's not 'working.' Maybe the NYT has him on 'special assignment' trying to dig up more un-sourced stories about John McCain.

dbvader said...

I certainly know all about Dan's streak last spring. The horror of reading him daily will always be with me.

It may have to do something with Ryan wanting to get back to writing.

It will be interesting to see how the duties will be split when the Celtics are in their playoff run and the Red Sox are starting up.

ars6091 said...

Don't complain