Friday, February 01, 2008

The Great Debate

As the Patriots' march into the history books enters its final steps, Dan opens the debate of "greatest story ever" of a New England area sports team/athlete. It is a meandering article that covers a lot of familiar ground. Yet, it is a thoughtful article in that Dan does not beat the reader over the head with his answer -- in which he narrows the debate between the 2004 Red Sox and the 2007 Patriots and then seems to imply that his answer would be the 2004 Sox.

He does wander though from point to point. (Attention deficit perhaps? Or just lazy writing?) Early in the article, Shaughnessy calls the area a baseball area first and foremost and points out that the Patriots were not even invented until 1960, casually dismissing the grip of the Pats on the locals. He contrasts this to Pittsburgh which is such a strong football town. But later he acknowledges that the Patriots have done many things to captivate the fans and almost (but not quite) puts the Pats on equal footing.

In the end, however, I think this article would have been better served next week in the aftermath of a victory or defeat. It's premature speculation.


Chris said...

I don't know carrot-top can justify his expense report while pink slips are set to invade Morrissey Boulevard. I mean, every single bit of his material has been gathered using the 'pool' process...meaning he's either one of those aforementioned 'clowns' or 'jokers.' Nothing new; nothing unique. He's just another Pool Boy. He'll get a rousing welcome back home, I'm sure: "Hey...there's Scottsdale Dan...clown & joker rolled into one."

ObjectiveBruce said...

My head hurts from reading the posting from Chris.

What on earth is he babbling about?

Chris said...

OB, I'll put it very succinctly. One of two options exist: either you know exactly what I'm talking about and you're pretending you don't, or you really are pretty clueless. Either doesn't flatter you.

Fact one: The Boston Globe is in horrible financial shape. Fact two: Nothing from Shaughnessy this week has been originally his. The media has been pooled. That means (for our Spanish-speaking viewers) that Shaughnessy adds nothing of individual value by BEING in Scottsdale and SPENDING the dwindling financial resources of The Globe. Tom Brady sits on a stool in front of a teeming mass of 'dung beetle' media hacks (thank you, Gerry Callahan, for launching that simile). Is that worthy of the financial outlay that the Globe needed to part with in order to send Shaughnessy 2,664 miles from Boston to Phoenix to get stuff a plebe like MacMullan could have gotten for him? The people at The Globe who are getting PINK SLIPS at The Globe (Fact #3) likely don't think so.

I'm sorry your head hurts. If you used it more, it might not.

paul said...

Patriots Daily calls out Shank! Check it out: