Friday, April 27, 2007

Throw Away Column

Perhaps Dan's obsession with Daisuke Matsuzaka is not waning after all. Today's column takes one simple idea (Matsuzaka likes to throw on his off days) and pounds it into the ground in an endless and ultimately painful barrage of "playful" anecdotes. Matsuzaka likes to throw with the neighborhood kids; he likes to toss peanuts to the crowd; he like to toss it around with the college team, etc.

There are approximately 11 such anecdotes and unfortunately, the idea is worn after the second one. This is one of the most painfully tedious columns from Shaughnessy I've ever read. Precious little other insight is offered.

There is, however, one very comical line up front which actually had me laugh out loud.
"I was in New York a day early to get extra rest for tonight's big game with the Yankees."

The idea of Shaughnessy arriving early to catch some extra rest so he can be on top of his journalistic game made me smile.


Jim said...

He gets an extra day for that dreg? Off the top of my head, if I were going to do ANOTHER column about Dice-K's throwing, I would at least bring in some scholarship.

Like break down the stats of those pitchers who threw a lot on off-days versus those that don't. Discuss why it is that pitchers in the first 80 years of baseball pitched a lot of innings and usually had double figure complete games where as since the 1990's a complete game is rare and a starting pitcher is having a good game if he goes 7 or 8.

The Globe oughta pay me just for this comment.

Anonymous said...

And he made them all up! Isn't this the *second* column he's made up?

That drives me more up the wall than anything.

Jonny Jaha said...

Yet another strained Ruthian Reference. Never misses a chance to inject the Babe into any story.

Sean the thirsty scholar said...

This column drove me crazy. I've never seen such a mail-it-in piece of nothing.