Sunday, April 29, 2007

It sure would have been nice to beat the Yankees

Another throw away column from Shaughnessy today. Let's see if I can sum it up succinctly...

It sure would have been nice to beat the Yankees yesterday because the Yankees have a rich history in general and a long history in particular of beating up the long suffering Red Sox.

Thanks for that terrific insight, Dan.


Different topic: For your Shaughnessy fans, Nick Cafardo points out that Shaughnessy has a new book out called Senior Year. It's a book of Dan's reflections on son Sam's senior year of high school and Sam's burgeoning baseball career.


Dave M said...

By the way, is there a snide reference to us fanboy bloggers in Shaughnessy today? He makes an Ernie Shore reference and adds a parenthetical "look it up" :)

mike_b1 said...

Can't wait to see what happens when Son of CHB goes 1 for 10 and the media use the slump to make the case he must be a bad person.

Btw, no need to look up the Ernie reference. He was that muppet on Sesame Street. *eye roll*

paul said...

I laughed by butt off this morning when I read the latest Shank treatise. If this comment had a headline it would be "Shank Calls Out Blogger Paul in Column". Funny stuff.

Objective "Shank" Bruce, I didn't wiki (Look out! An internet reference!) Ernie Shore. Why? It's not because I don't care about baseball history. It's because that you could have used a more current reference and made the same point. How about saying that Kei Igawa made like Pedro in Game 5 of the ALDS in 1999? That's somewhat current and 99% of your audience would get it.

The "Greedy Sox fans" line was great too. What's wrong with Sox fans wanting to go 18-0 against the Yankees every year? We both know that's probably not going to happen but, with apologies to The Andrew's Sisters, we can dream, can't we? (How's that for an outdated reference?). Are Yankee's fans greedy if they want the Bombers to go 18-0 against the Red Sox? Or O's fans or D-Rays fans? You get the picture.

Rooting for your favorite team is not a crime.

Jonny Jaha said...

Pretty lame, forced attempt to drag a Ruth reference into the story as well, Shank never misses that opportunity as well.

Jonny Jaha said...

And this quote is not exactly accurate either "...where captain Thurman Munson dressed before his fatal plane crash in 1979..."

Munson died while the Yankees were in the middle of a road trip, they had played five straight games in Milwaukee and Chicago, so Munson wouldn't have been in front of that Yankee Stadium locker for at least one week. Sloppy and shows blatant lack of effort.

Gabrielle said...

For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking that someone needs to create a "team schilling" t-shirt kinda like the team jen and team angelina from a while back..except no "team shaughnessy" t-shirts would be made.

Anonymous said...

And this quote is not exactly accurate either "...where captain Thurman Munson dressed before his fatal plane crash in 1979..."

Umm, hello Jonny? It doesn't say "where he dressed the day before his fatal plane crash." It simply says before his fatal plane crash. Every time he dressed at that locker was before his fatal plane crash, unless he returned from the grave and dressed there afterwards.

There's enough to rip on Shaughnessy without reaching for things to try to pick apart and getting them wrong.

objectivebruce said...

Paul, parading your ignorance is so unattractive. The comparison was to a pitcher (Shore) who, without warming up in the bullpen, relieved a pitcher (Ruth) who left the game after a single batter and who proceeded to retire 26 in a row after the runner was caught stealing. For years Shore was credited with a perfect game until the rules were tightened up, eliminating his gem as well as the Harvey Haddix masterpiece (look it up).

So the same point wouldn't be made with a reference to Pedro trotting out of the bullpen in the 4th inning of an 8-8 tie and pitching six hitless innings; both were masterful performances, Shore's was directly on point, it would hardly have been the "same point" by making a Pedro reference. It's hardly a forced Ruth reference.

I'm not so sure that ignorance is something to be proud of. I knew of Shore's performance long after he did it by reading the stats page in the first Red Sox yearbook I ever bought, at the age of 9.

Where does he say greed is a crime?

paul said...


I live in the "It's okay to be gay" State of Massachusetts but I don't swing that way. I didn't think that my ingorance was a turn-off. Then again, I really wasn't thinking about attracting the likes of you either.

As for parading my "ignorance", wasn't it you who devoted a whole column saying that in the grand scheme of things sports isn't that important? I should remember the real heroes (i.e.- firemen, cops, et al). So, forgive me if I don't take time out of my day to look up some old baseball reference.

You say Shore didn't warm up in the 'pen prior to coming into the game. Igawa could have taken as much time as needed to warm up as Karstens left the game due to injury, correct? So how is there a comparison? Igawa shut down the Sox but didn't pitch a no-hitter.

"Greedy Sox fans wanted more; 2004 was historic..." taken from Shank's 4/29/2007 column.

Monkeesfan said...

So Shank Sr. praises Shank Jr's budding basketball career - has he ever done the same for the sons of famous athletes when they took up sporting careers?