Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sox-Yanks Friday Night

(Editorial Note: I apologize - it is late in the day ad I am now just posting. When Chief graciously gave editing and posting rights to DBVader and me a few months back we agreed that DB would take Monday-Thursdays and I would get the weekend shift. This usually works out great for me but I have been on the road the past few weekends and I am not always successful in getting internet access. Db and I take pride in posting promptly and we will continue to do our best in the days and weeks to come.)

Shaughnessy turns in a game recap from Friday night's Sox-Yankees instant classic and provides a fair recap of the fun evening. I am sure he had the daggers drawn when it appeared the Sox would lose late in the game and he was probably forced to start from scratch when the Sox came back in the 8th inning.

Neverthless, there are some odd statements and Shankisms:

- Quote "On a night when the Red Sox honored the greatest team ever to represent this region (the 1957-86 Celtics)...."

Comment: Huh? The 1957 - 86 Celtics were not "a team"--they were many teams . Many of the teams during this era were awesome and some were not so great. Just an odd way of putting it.

- Quote: "Schilling, who needs an editor more than he needs a pitching coach..."

Comment: Okay, Dan, we get it--you don't like Schilling's blog.

- Quote: "Coco Crisp. The man we love to boo."

Comment: One of Dan's favorite techniques...its what I call the "Joe The Fan" technique. By using "we" , Dan presumes to speak for all Sox fans. Unfortunately, he often misses the mark (like when he said a few months ago that we all "rejoiced" when Keith Foulke retired). I know Crisp is getting some boos but I think Shaughnessy overdoes it with the above assessment.

I need to sign off for now.

Dave M


mike_b1 said...

Yeah, that 32-50 monster featuring Kevin Stacom that finished some 23 games back was a real threat.

ObjectiveBruce said...

If this bit of nicpickery is all you can come up with, why even bother? The Sox honored Auerbach, and his team produced championships from'57 to '86; players are part of the team and every roster in every sport changes fro year to year.

As for Schilling, the point is apt; he is his own pitching coach for the most part and his blog does tend to drone.

Coco Crisp and booing? Facts are facts.

It is indeed ironic that one can proclaim himself to "review" the work of another and turn in such a poor effort.

Dave M said...


--As for the 57 to 86 Celtics, all I said is that it was an odd way to characterize the team. And it is. The way you described it ("The Sox honored Auerbach and his team that produced championships from 57 to 86") is a more succinct and clear way to phrase it. The way Shaughnessy worded it was awkward, confusing and certainly open to criticism. It's not "nitpickery".

As for Coco and booing, I know he is not currently a fan favorite--I'm not arguing that. I despise the way that Shaughnessy presumes to be the voice of "Red Sox Nation". Shaughnessy said "we". Who is "we"? I for one personally do not love to boo Crisp. Shaughnessy uses the "we" convention often and I resent it.

dbvader said...

After the fact that the Sox won, my favorite part of the comeback was knowing that Dan had to delete the column he had already written through the first seven innings. I am sure there were many shots at Schilling, Crisp, Theo, Pedroia, you name it. Dan is probably bitter at having to lose all those bon mots he had spent the day thinking up. He will have to recycle them in a future column.

dbvader said...

I second the Crisp comment. Dan is imposing his views on the fans. Bleep off, Dan.

paul said...


Shank doesn't have "bon mots". 99% of the time it's "mal mots"