Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Man of Contra Diction

Using logic that can only be called bizarre, The CHB credits Yankee owner George Steinbrenner for their win over the Red Sox yesterday.

Even Dan seems confused. He claims last night's hero, Alex Rodriguez, was "due," just after telling us that Steinbrenner's tirade against his team -- in which he singled out A-Rod's play -- is proof that "The Boss knows how to motivate."

Yet A-Rod himself said of the criticism that, while surprising, "It doesn't really matter."

Even Joe Torre debunked the idea that King George was fired up: "He didn't say anything other than he was supporting us .... He said he didn't criticize my player."

Say A-Rod: "He can say whatever is on his mind ... but we can't lose perspective because we're playing pretty well."

From the evidence, it doesn't appear that The Boss's rant -- if it even happened -- meant squat.

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Anonymous said...

This was one of Dan's most ridiculous column in terms of logic. The idea that Steinbrenner ranting could actually affect a game is just ludicrous. He's commenting on a team that regularly wins 60% of its games. He only "motivates" them after a loss. Logic decrees that George comment or none, the Yankees will probably win the next game. And the idea that calling out A-Rod actually increases his chances of being served a meatball by Curt Schilling makes no sense.