Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You Spelled 'Asshole' Wrong

Jared - a little less attitude and a little more professionalism is required here. Believe me, I'm not a snot by any stretch, but he despises you and all that are like you and me (and Mike, my co-blogger, who I bet he hates more!), and he will lie to you until the day he dies. He's lied / insulted you to your face before, and you just took it in the ass. Don't get sucked in by this act of his. At least I bothered to spell your name right - do you really think he'd ever extend you that basic courtesy?

UPDATE AT 7:54 PM At the 24:50 mark, Shank plays the victim / martyr. Not exactly a shock, right?

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Anonymous said...

Jared is the epitome of the "Felger Youth" - lots of hair gel, finely trimmed beard and an ill fitting sport coat to go with him being woefully uninformed.