Monday, May 08, 2017

Where's Waldo Shaughnessy?

A commenter wonders:
where was this fraud when the celts went up 2-0 he was no where to be found what a fraud
You must be new around here, Anonymous - Shank saves his 'best efforts' for when the local team loses in embarrassing fashion!
WASHINGTON — This is one goofy playoff series.

LeBron James must be very, very confused.

Seriously. Which team do you think LeBron wants to play in the conference finals?

I’m guessing he’d rather play the Celtics than the Wizards. What do you think?

It’s always a mistake, of course, to read too much into your last memory. It was Pat Riley who first said a playoff series doesn’t start until the road team wins a game. Blowouts do not necessarily carry over. But even Tommy Heinsohn will have a hard time putting lipstick on the pig that the Celtics were in their two playoff losses at the Verizon Center.

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