Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reality Check

What a surprise - another Celtics column by Shank, after they've lost two games in a row!
It’s a war of worlds as we prepare for Celtics-Wizards Game 5 Wednesday night at the Garden.

It’s Planet Green Team vs. Planet Reality.

Planet Green Team vs. Planet Reality is more than Isaiah Thomas vs. John Wall. It’s more than Kelly Olynyk vs. Kelly Oubre Jr. It is a clash of cultures and perceptions. It’s two groups of folks who view the same basketball games and come away with wildly different conclusions.
Here's the DSW reality check - Shank is all but incapable of writing about local professional sports teams, managers and / or ownership groups in a non-disparaging fashion. He's also still stealing material from the Felger & Mazz radio show (the aforementioned reference to the Green Team - originally the 1986 Boston Celtics bench players and now a reference to fans of the Celtics).


Jason Herra said...

no shock that a hack like shank would steal from felger and mazz or go all strawman on the Celts

Roger Bournival said...

Jason - he's been doing that for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

they win tonight he will rejoin the bandwagon mark my words