Thursday, December 01, 2016

Compare And Contrast

Dan Shaughnessy, in his latest mailed-in column:
■ Count me out on Curt Schilling. I have held my nose and voted for the Big Blowhard in recent years (11-2 in postseason, ridiculous walk/strikeout ratio), and he was up to 52.3 percent (75 percent required) last year, but I shall invoke the “character” clause this year. Schill has transitioned from a mere nuisance to an actual menace to society. His tweet supporting the lynching of journalists was the last straw for this voter. Curt later claimed he was joking. Swell.
Shank's fellow members of the media, on civil political discourse. I guess he's cool with that.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard his Non-comments on "embattled" fellow hall of famer Bill Conlin?

Jason Herra said...

I heard the quote it was cowardly and gutless by shank. The true definition of a fraud