Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Time To Worry

Surely, I can't be the only person out there getting nervous about Shank making plans for the Patriots in the Super Bowl, right?
Which NFC team do you want the Patriots to play in the Super Bowl Feb. 5 in Houston?

The Dallas Cowboys? The Seattle Seahawks? The New York (gulp) football Giants?
First, dismiss the rest of the entire American Football Conference:
This is what keeps me awake these nights. I’ve got no time for the rest of the regular season or the Tomato Can Foxborough festival that will be billed as the AFC playoffs. Bill Belichick, Ernie Adams, Matt Patricia, and Josh McDaniels can game-plan for the rugged Jets and Dolphins over these next two weekends. I have moved on . . . to the Super Bowl.

While acknowledging that the Patriots could possibly play the Packers, Lions, Falcons or some other mystery guest in Super Bowl LI, I think we all know that it’s going to be Dallas, Seattle or New York, and those are clearly the most interesting prospective matchups for New England.

Here’s why:
Go forth and read the rest of the column, for it is boring and oh so predictable...

UPDATE, 12/22/2016 AT 1:20 PM - link added so you can 'enjoy' the rest of the article...

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