Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Get Yer Rehashed Columns Here!

Tune to 98.5 FM to hear Shank re-read yesterday's column:

UPDATE AT 11:05 AM: Even his stories are old. The Stones concert in Altamount, 1969? Really?

UPDATE AT 11:17 AM: Tough segment to listen to. Shank was silent most of the time, which was a blessing. He sounded very un-knowledgeable about pro football right before the end if the segment, screwing up multiple player names. Beetle's absence is obvious.

UPDATE AT 11:51 AM: What's this? "Dapper Dan's Dates of Distinction" - Various birthdays and 'On this day in history...' Riveting radio, guys!

UPDATE AT 12:02 AM: It was funny to listen to Shank butcher a few names during that segment...

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