Friday, January 22, 2016

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - XXXII

While we wait for the inevitable Brady / Manning column from Our Man Shank, let's take a look at the newspaper industry, with a mention of our favorite local broadsheet:
Then, amid the hubbub about the Boston Globe’s delivery problems, I was struck by the Globe’s statement that they have only 115,000 daily print subscribers, and only 205,000 on Sunday. Really? I had had a sense that the Globe was still much bigger than that. So I poked around online, and, indeed found much larger numbers for Globe print circulation.

But they were from 2013, which is the last time print newspaper circulation figures were widely reported.

The simple chart below lays out the numbers for “total average print circulation” of the nation’s 25 largest newspapers as of March 2013. These are the basis for the figures you get if you Google search the issue or look for a list on Wikipedia. Then the chart compares these with the number of copies most recently reported to the Alliance for Audited Media (in September 2015) for “individually paid print circulation,” that is the number of copies being bought by subscription or at newsstands. This is the best indication of consumer demand for the product. In both cases, the figures are for weekday average circulation. Sunday numbers are generally higher.
Average annual decline in daily circulation for the Globe = 7.44%, which does not include 6,400 undelivered Globes from a few weeks ago.

I bet you're glad you took the Globe buyout in 2008, aren't you, Bruce M***?

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