Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The CHB's Belichickian Response

As Anonymous was so good to note in the Comments to the post below, The CHB's piece today on Don Orsillo's pending departure had the following line deleted: "Two Sox employees told the Globe that workers at Fenway turnstiles were ordered to confiscate any signs supporting Orsillo as fans entered Fenway."

Media watcher Dan Kennedy, who has the story over at Media Nation, asked The CHB about the
edit." The CHB, naturally, is less than forthcoming in his response, claiming the deletion is "just part of the editorial process" and not commenting further.

But Deadspin is on the attack, asserting that Shank's sourcing is either weak or outright wrong.

Only Flounder from Animal House can do this justice:


Roger Bournival said...

We've documented on numerous occasions that Shank does not have an editor. It's pretty clear to me that someone ordered that sentence removed once it was printed.

Anonymous said...

(Same anonymous)

1) The Globe, not just CHB, does not have an editor;

2) I find it really hard to believe that anyone would try to suppress something as harmless as a few supportive signs. CHB is just throwing a tantrum because he's not relevant anymore, and I suppose the Globe figures a little controversy can't hurt their web clicks.