Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Meme Revived

Shank continues to lead the Patriots bandwagon (for now) by a) setting up high expectations for the team so he can pound on them if / when they lose, and b) attributing their path to winning to unnamed, mysterious forces that assist the Patriots whenever possible. While he's wise to not explicitly name anyone or anything, it reeks of tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists that pin the world's ills on the Bilderbergers, the Illumnati, the Rothschilds and / or Area 51 types.

And now that meme lives again. Here's Shank on January 3, 2015:

And here's Shank yesterday:

Is it safe to assume that Shank owns stock in Alcoa and gets some of his dividend checks in the form of 100 yard rolls of Reynolds aluminum foil?

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