Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Weathervane Returns

It didn't take long for Shank to abandon ship, did it?
CLEVELAND — The roles are reversed. This time around . . . we are the Tomato Cans.

It’s tough to stomach. We are Boston. We are the city of champions and duck boat parades. In any given postseason, we expect to have the team with the marquee names and great expectations. We steamroll those little-trains-that-could and move on to the next round, the more serious opponents.
"And when we don't have that team? I'm here to trash 'em!"
Not now. The Celtics are playing the Cavaliers in the first round of the NBA playoffs and Game 1, a 113-100 Cleveland victory, was hard to watch if you were trying to make a case for the Green Team.
Behold, as the Red Jheri Curl makes inane comparisons to past Boston playoff beatdowns:
This felt like the Red Sox against the Rockies in 2007. Or the Sox against the Rays in the 2013 playoffs. Or the Celtics of Garnett-Pierce-Allen in the playoffs in 2008. Or the Bruins against the Red Wings in the first round last year. Or the Patriots against the Colts in each of the last two postseasons.
We end this inglorious column by some half-disingenuous backtracking:
If you believe in miracles, you can still make a case for the Celtics. Not me. Not now.
This sentence would have more credibility if that graf was written before Game 1 was played, but that would require a columnist with credibility...

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