Monday, April 06, 2015

But It Might Help This Blogger!

This 'Red Jheri Curl' column from Saturday got by me somehow - I'll blame tax season!

It's ostensibly a column on Boston athletes, but you'll know better once you realize half the column is devoted to shitting on Big Papi:
And now we have David Ortiz . . . cuddly Big Papi . . . Baseball’s Father Christmas . . . perhaps the greatest clutch hitter of all time . . . A man so beloved, he can drop an F-bomb on national television and be applauded by the boss of the FCC. Ortiz has emerged as the face of Boston baseball over the last decade and it is doubtful he has ever heard a single boo at his Fenway office. He has earned the love and returned the love. Watch how he interacts with Fenway fans.

But this love is not unanimous when one ventures outside the gates of Fenway. Owed largely to his own acts of selfishness, and occasional boorishness, Ortiz has assembled a significant army of detractors in his hometown. He knows this and it bothers him.
Like many of Shank's recent columns, the Globe closed its comments section, which is just as well...

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