Sunday, April 05, 2015

More Training Won't Do Him Any Good

The CHB is definitely ready for the baseball season to start, because today's column is a lackadaisical effort at best.
  • "We have just endured the worst winter of our lives — a season of snow, wind, and cold that motivated many to sell properties and many more to make plans to flee to Florida next February — and there is unusual hunger for green grass, warm days, and the daily, sometimes wacky narrative of the Boston baseball team." 
Really? A lot of snow doesn't make for the "worst winter of our lives," although I'm sure it made running his daily mile a bit of a chore. No, it makes for the snowiest winter of our lives. Skiers were enthralled, and Patriots fans are on top of the world.
  • "The team payroll is more than $200 million, easily one of the top five in the game." 
A little research would have uncovered that, according to Deadspin, it's $187.4 million, which is closer to No. 19 Milwaukee than to No. 1 Los Angeles.

  • "They are intent on proving they can win without an ace."
The best pitcher in the majors, by VORP, in 2014 was Cory Kluber. He did not make the playoffs. Nos. 2, 3 and 4 didn't make it out of the first round. In fact, of the top eight pitchers in the majors last year only four made the playoffs, one of whom (Jon Lester) did so because he was traded to a contender with two months to go in the season. The AL Champion Royals' best thrower was 15th, meaning half the teams in baseball had a pitcher who performed better in 2014. The Orioles' best pitcher finished 36th, which didn't seem to stop them from advancing to the second round of the playoffs. The best pitcher on the playoff-making Pirates wasn't even close to that high. Ace, schmace.

  • "The Sox’ owners and analytic masterminds believe pitchers over 30 who make big money are to be avoided."

Except that they offered Lester $135 million in a deal that would have taken him past his 37th birthday.

Let the regular season begin. Shank is already in top form.

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