Saturday, November 08, 2014


With the Patriots in their bye week, and thus not having an opportunity to second guess or goof on coach Bill Belichick, Shank makes his occasional half-assed effort to justify his salary in the form of the Picked Up Pieces column.

But hey, why let that inconvenient fact stop His Shankness from taking a crap on current Public Enemy Number One, Patriots owner Robert Kraft? It doesn't take a lot of imagination to translate the following sentence, does it?
Don’t you love how Bob Kraft saved his midlife transformation for his 70s?
Class act all the way, Shank!
Has there ever been a sports pinata like Alex Rodriguez?
Does that include the two or three dozen athletes he ran out of town during his career? Just curious...
This from Bill Parcells’s just-released authorized biography: “Kraft’s sons, who worked as Patriots executives, despised Parcells, convinced that he was trying to make their father look foolish. The owner’s family and inner circle occasionally used a demeaning nickname among themselves when referring to Parcells: ‘Fatty.’ ’’
Expect Shank to reveal more of this from Parcells' book, if there are any more anecdotes like this one.

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