Monday, August 18, 2014

The CHB 'Breaks' Down

What in the ... ?

Leave it to Roger Clemens to negate the Scrooge that is The CHB. The result: A piece on the pitfalls of fame.

  • I can’t imagine what it’s like to be David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, or Larry Bird. You can’t possibly stop and accommodate everyone.
  • How would you like to be forever defined by your worst moment?
  • I find some of it wildly unfair. 

The CHB complaining about bad press? Get real. This is the guy who takes credit for running Nomar Garciaparra out of town. And who tried to run Jim Rice out of town. And Curt Schilling. And Theo Epstein. And Carl Everett. Oh, and Roger Clemens too!

This is the guy who can't write "Dan Duquette" without mentioning "twilight of his career," who called David Ortiz a "sad sack of you-know-what," who mocks any athlete who denies having used PEDs, who complains bitterly when Bill Belichick ignores him.

Is The CHB succumbing to the pressure of being the best-known misanthrope in a small town?

P.S. A Larry Bird sighting!


Roger Bournival said...

•How would you like to be forever defined by your worst moment?

Like the Dirty Laundry column?

ObjectiveBruce said...

Well, I have learned to ignore the tedious repetition of tired cliches and the same old nonsense spewed forth repeatedly, but this entry is too absurd to ignore so I am actually taking a moment on my vacation porch to type this.

You do know that the 16 year old football player Shaughnessy referred to was Darryl Williams, the black player shot by a sniper during football practice because he had the audacity to play football for charlestown high school during the height of Boston's school integration crisis (called busing, or bussing by the right wing racists)

misanthrope thy name is Mike.

Roger Bournival said...

Well, ignore it some more, Bruce, and get the hell off of my blog.

Would that be from your front porch in Milton, a few blocks away from Blue Hills Parkway and Brook Road?

You want your real identity and relatively new workplace to remain a secret, don't you? You know I have that information and I can (metaphorically) pull your pants down at any time, so play ball and GTFO!

mike_b1 said...

OB, Yeah, I'm sure The CHB and Darryl Williams are best of buds.

And either way, so much for journalistic objectivity and not getting involved with the story.