Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Waxing Nostalgic

Shank joins the Red Sox road trip, who are in St. Louis to play the Cardinals for a three game series. He runs into John Lackey and attempts to make a negative story out of it.
ST. LOUIS — You could feel the bitterness. Dare we say, hatred?

In his first interview with Hub reporters since he was traded by the Red Sox last Thursday, John Lackey reluctantly submitted to questions from New England sports media in the Cardinals dugout late Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t felt this kind of loathing since walking into the Adrian Gonzalez/Josh Beckett/Carl Crawford charm-fest in Dodger Stadium last summer.

Sorry, but it’s not just media meanies. Lackey’s got a problem with Boston baseball. Why else would he admit he’s OK pitching for the Cardinals for a contractually-agreed-upon $500,000 next season, but not for the Red Sox.
Now let's look at what Lackey actually said:
How did he feel when he heard about the trade?

“Pretty excited, actually,’’ said Lackey. “I wasn’t really surprised. Honestly, this is a good place for me to be. I was pretty happy with where it happened. I’m happy with what happened.’’

He said winning a ring is the only reason he’s still playing. It pleases him to be in position to do this with the Cardinals.

Were there any conversations with the Red Sox regarding extending his minimum major league wage deal for next season?

“No,’’ he said. “Not really. We didn’t get that far ahead.’’

Asked if his new happiness is a direct result of being out of Boston, he countered with, “Absolutely not. I have some great friends on that team that I left. We had a great year last year. It was a ton of fun with those guys. It’s just part of the game.’’
Just a little different, no? Lackey continues on in that vein, and concludes the interview with a Captain Obvious statement:
Lackey grew uncomfortable when he was pressed on his unwillingness to give the Red Sox the guarantee he’s giving the Cardinals.

“You guys are trying to stir stuff up.’’
And.... scene!

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