Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Must Win Game

... was won by the Red Sox last night, 6 - 2. Does Shank bother to mention this fact in his column, dated today?

Of course not - that would ruin the narrative, the narrative being - minimize good things about the Red Sox, maximize / overstate the negative things about them, all while walking that fine line in order to avoid being shitcanned by John Henry.
BALTIMORE — Enough with Selfiegate, Jenny Dell joining Red Sox wives on the White House lawn, and Jonny Gomes’s star-spangled sportscoat.

Let’s get back to baseball. What’s up with the Baltimore Orioles and why do the Red Sox seem to have trouble beating them?
Looks like the Red Sox didn't have any trouble beating them last night. It's more than obvious Shank had this column written well in advance of last night's outcome. Nice job, Shank!

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