Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reggie Lewis

Twenty years ago, Reggie Lewis of the Boston Celtics died of a heart attack, and Shank writes an otherwise good column about it (emphasis mine):
Twenty years ago today, folks picked up their morning Globe and saw a front-page headline that read, “Celtics captain Lewis dies after collapse while shooting.’’

It was the story of the death of Reggie Lewis at the age of 27. It was a story that was as tragic as the premature deaths of Harry Agganis, Tony Conigliaro, and Len Bias. Until last month, when a star Patriots player was arrested for murder, the death of Reggie Lewis was perhaps the worst story involving a Boston athlete.
I say 'otherwise' because Shank poorly telegraphs his future punches against the Patriots:
For those of us who cover sports in Boston, it was one of the worst stories ever.

Until now.
Who does he think he's kidding? For Shank, it will be one of the best stories ever.

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