Friday, July 12, 2013

Coliseum Column's a Dump

The Oakland Coliseum is a dump. Who knew?

It's not like the Athletics haven't been trying to move to San Jose for, oh, at least four years.

But that doesn't stop The CHB, in a hugely disjointed column, from first pointing out all that's wrong about the facilities, then noting all the former Red Sox players on the A's roster.

At least there's no reference to "MoneyBall" or "Billy Ball" (Martin or Beane). Probably because the A's are in first place.

Oh yes, and there's a random Larry Bird mention.

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Monkeesfan said...

And of course Shank had the expected Ray Hamilton reference (though curiously given Shank's history passion no Jack Tatum reference). And of course Shank plays up the ex-Sox who felt persecuted by the fact of enormous media attention in Boston as opposed to the greater indifference in Oakland, though I'll give Shank credit for mentioning the dedication of those A's fans who do go to the games.

When Shank mentions the sewer system flooding the clubhouses for the A's-Mariners game, I'm surprised he didn't reference the 1971 Raiders game in Foxboro where the same thing happened to the Raiders - it's right up Shank's alley.