Sunday, March 17, 2013

Waaah, Waaah, Welker

Don't let the loss of Wes Welker fool you, as that's not why Shaughnessy's crying today. He's moaning that once again Bill Belichick is getting away with something by not commenting on Welker's free-agency bolt to Denver, and that the Patriot players are lining up (and closing mouths) in support of their coach and their culture.

Culture is not something The CHB understands (unless you count drinking at The Fours until your hair turns all red and curly). Proof: He has spent three decades demeaning every African-American, Hispanic or other non-Caucasian who walked onto the field at Fenway as prima donnas and selfish and not team players. But in football, where putting the team ahead of yourself actually matters, he takes the opposite stance. Keep in mind that Welker violated Belichick's philosophy by whining about the play-calling last season and also by making fun of Jets coach Rex Ryan a few years back in an interview (although, unlike Shank, Welker is funny).

And as for comparing a slot receiver who was not the face of the franchise to a long-retired baseball catcher who personified his club ... well, only The CHB.


Roger Bournival said...

I'm wondering why it took four whole days for Shank to use the Welker signing to take yet another shot at Belichick & Kraft - I would have expected this column to have been pre-written, like Chavez's obituary.

One fact to note - Shank says: But Brady will not tell us how he really feels.

Except that he did, the next day. Typical, convenient omission, isn't it?

And how many Red Sox players need to be mentioned in a Shank column about the Patriots? Is there a quota I don't know about?

skiboyh20 said...

Love Shaughnessy. He's been terrific for a long time unlike most of the syncophants in this town.

Monkeesfan said...

Skiboyh20 - where has Shank been "terrific?"

The problem in this Welker controversy is that Shank isn't alone in attacking Belichick and company for letting him go to Denver - outside of Andy Gresh I'm at a loss to find anyone in this town who's pointed out Welker's weaknesses - for all his volume stats Welker has never done well unless he has someone else (Moss, Gronkowski, briefly Branch) drawing away the defense. In games where Welker had to be the focal point of the offense, the Patriots struggled.

Welker is certainly good but the bottom line is the Patriots went as far as they could with him.