Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can You Move The Goalposts In Baseball?

I'm wondering what it would take for Shank not to complain about something. I think the answer is 'nothing', because once the Red Sox took steps last year to remove massive contracts and malcontents from their roster, he's bitching (again) about something else.
FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Red Sox are selling character this spring. They have cleaned up their toxic clubhouse.

No more Josh Beckett snarling and looking for snitches. No more Carl Crawford complaining about how mean everybody is in Boston. No more aloof Adrian Gonzalez, arms folded, looking down on those who would question his commitment. Kevin Youkilis isn’t here to gossip or complain. Goofy Bobby Valentine is gone and so are the coaches who wouldn’t talk to the manager. Jon Lester has promised to smile.

It’s all Hakuna Matata in Camp Farrell.


I hate to break it to everybody, but chemistry in a baseball clubhouse is way overrated. Winning requires talent, pitching, and three-run homers.
Of course you'd think a rational person might wait for a few regular season games to be played to see if in fact the Red Sox actually win some games, but that would require a rational person...

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