Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Trash Day

When you see the words random thoughts associated with a Shank column, just take it to the curb.
Picked up pieces while waiting to find out if I’ve been fired by any radio station this week . . .

The photo of Dennis Rodman sitting with Kim Jong-un at a basketball exhibition in Pyongyang goes into the vault, alongside the photo of a zombie-esque Elvis Presley shaking hands with President Richard Nixon. Rodman’s “This Week” interview Sunday with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos was a stunning demonstration of the Worm’s stupidity.

The David Ortiz Achilles’ situation is especially alarming given that he sustained the injury rounding second base in front of a home run hit by Adrian Gonzalez. That’s like Tony Soprano straining his Achilles’ walking down the driveway to pick up the morning newspaper.
Or Shank straining a hamstring on his one mile run...
Red Sox brass must have loved it when Bobby Valentine ripped the BoSox last week. On the day that Mr. Wrap Inventor was named athletic director at Sacred Heart in Fairfield, Conn., Valentine was asked about the disaster of the 2012 Red Sox and said, “Connie Mack couldn’t have won with that team. I thought the things that went on were kind of silly most of the time, but I didn’t think it was that tough.’’

Did anybody ever storm the court at the old Worcester Auditorium when Holy Cross had Bob Cousy and an NCAA title back in 1947?

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