Sunday, January 13, 2013

Texans Redux

Now that the Patriots / Texans game is in the books, here are some questions I'll pose about Shank's next column. These are not mutually exclusive questions.

* Will he be his usual, insufferable self after correctly calling the outcome of this game? Monkeesfan, let us know what he says on the Gresh & Zolak show tomorrow or Tuesday!

* Will he dump on the Texans, and Houston / Houston fans in general, one more time?

* Will he dump on Bill Belichick because Rob Gronkowski reinjured his forearm and is out for the rest of the season?

* Will he have the balls to trash talk Baltimore and Ray Lewis like he did Houston and Arian Foster?


Anonymous said...

picking up the pieces after the

Monkeesfan said...

Sorry, but I wasn't able to focus much on Shank's victory lap on Gresh & Zolak due to work - given the predictability of his Shankness, I'll guess it was about what one expects. I did catch some clips earlier where Shank was cowering when pressed by some Houston sports people - typical of a bomb-thrower like Shank; throws bombs then runs for cover.