Sunday, January 06, 2013

Arrogance, Reflected

After spending the better part (for a writer as hacktastic as Shank, is that a contradiction in terms?) of his mediocre career lambasting players as prima donnas, owners as arrogant, and everyone else as basement trolls, The CHB has truly become that which he lives to despise.

For today, for the second time in three days and the third time in a month, The CHB calls the Texans "frauds" and says the Patriots will walk over the competition to the AFC Championship.

Who is calling who arrogant? For The CHB, whose range as a columnist runs the gamut from childish name-calling to demeaning of talent and everything in between -- and why not, since he's had a pretty lucrative run perpetrating his own fraud on the owners of the Boston Globe -- this is the epitome of his projectionism.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Btw, oh Curly one, it's Reliant Stadium, not Reliant Field. 


Anonymous said...

this guy is such a douchebag, the only fraud here is Bill Belichick

Monkeesfan said...

Bill Belichick? Figures the guy is Anonymous, else we'd have to ask him to justify so self-evidently fraudulent an assertation.

As for Shank, Jon Keller's defense of him (on the CBS Boston website) misses the point entirely, which is that Shaughnessy writes solely to irritate people, not to submit anything even marginally substantive, to where it colors his commentary even when making a credible point. Shaughnessy's low opinion of the Houston Texans proved accurate as far as their performance in the last month has gone (three losses and a struggle against a subpar Bengals squad in a playoff matchup that favored Houston more than the final score showed) but Shaughnessy's opinions of teams stems more from cultural snobbery and hate than it does hard analysis of a team's strengths and weaknesses - witness his dismissive attitude toward Tampa Bay despite that town's championships in the NHL and NFL and the competitive quality of their MLB team. It of course predates the Patriots' recent successes - Jeff Pearlman's chronicle of the 1990s Dallas Cowboys titled BOYS WILL BE BOYS includes several Shank quotes about the Cowboys in Superbowl XXX that are standard-issue Shank snobbery.