Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hired Learning

The Red Sox fired Bobby Valentine on Oct. 4. Today is Oct. 18. Obviously the Red Sox have waited too long to replace Valentine and have thus undermined the 2013 season. Or so insists The CHB.

Unfortunately, as history has so often shown, The CHB is wrong, all wrong!

After the Red Sox fired Grady Little in 2003, they did not hire Terry Francona until Dec. 4. That one turned out OK, or so I seem to recall. 

In The Yankees replaced Buck Showalter with Joe Torre on Nov. 2, 1995. He skippered the Bombers to six pennants and four World Series titles.

When the Cardinals fired interim manager Mike Jorgensen following the 1995 season, they waited until Oct. 23 to hire Tony La Russa. Two more World Series wins there.

By the way, when George Steinbrenner hired Torre, he gave him a two-year deal. So I guess the argument that a contract of fewer than three years equates to lame duck status is invalid, too.

So patience, young grasshopper. After all, we've been waiting nearly 60 years for you to grow a brain.


ObjectiveBruce said...

Parading your own ignorance and fundamental inability to comprehend English again, I see. He's pointing out the latest nonsense from the brain trust, that of conducting interviews with prospective candidates when the entire world knows they want Farrell. Oops. My mistake. The entire world except for the blogboys know they want Farrell. The blogboys don't know they want Farrell. The blogboys claim Shaughnessy is getting "scooped left and right" for not following the Tony Pena is a candidate hogwash.

Oh what the heck let's look at some of the other drivel in the recent past.

Shaughnessy "writes with obvious glee" when the Patsies lose. Of course it seems like obvious glee to fanboys who think all of their widdle heroes should be sanctified all day, every day.

And then the blogboys took time out from ripping Shaughnessy for predictable columns to mail in one of their own --- the one where he notes the cheering over Cassell getting hurt and compares the boorish behavior of the fans to the boorish behavior of blogboys who toss bombs from Mom's basement and expect to be congratulated for it. Bad bad Shaughnessy. Natch.

And then the self-styled critics of the columnist suggest he wrote a column at a bar at 4 a.m. because he closed the Anchor Bar and Buffalo has a 4 a.m. closing. But guess what? The Anchor Bar closes at 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

Oopsies. Clearly this will have no effect on the continued "Shaughnessy mails it in" or "Shaughnessy doesn't do his homework" nonsense.

mike_b1 said...

Parading your own ignorance and fundamental inability to comprehend Major League Baseball rules, both you and The CHB don't realize that the Red Sox must interview at least one minority candidate.


And why would anyone brag about closing a 10 o'clock bar? That's just weird.

Roger Bournival said...

What's a widdle?

And, OB, you ought to know it's considered declasse to comment on a post three days after the post, right?

mike_b1 said...

The CHB acknowledged yesterday that MLB rules required the Red Sox to interview at least one minority candidate, a fact he no doubt he learned from this site.