Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bobby Valentine Death Watch

As we wait for the ax to be swung, I'll belatedly link to Shank's (hopefully) penultimate post-mortem column on the 2012 Boston Red Sox. You've already read this column about nine hundred times in one form or another this year, so what were you missing?

Speaking of Bobby Valentine, this must be some kind of metaphor:
According to the New York Times, the avid bicyclist (Valentine) crashed his ride in New York City earlier in the day, suffering minor hip and knee injuries. The cause of his accident? He was reading a text message.
Can’t you just picture it like in the movies? Bobby V is riding furiously through the New York streets, desperately trying to escape from Peter Abraham and Dan Shaughnessy chasing him on speed boats that inexplicably work on the road, knocking over fruit carts and, wouldn’t you know it, two bakers are carrying a meticulously crafted cake across the street right in front of his path for God knows what reason and SPLOOSH, down goes Bobby. He’s alright, so we’re allowed to joke.
What about the cake? Don't leave us hanging...

UPDATE at 1:04 PM - Shitcanned.

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Anonymous said...

Friday morning, Day 1 post-Valentine -- CHB again presses the "autofill" button and re-writes the same column he had previously re-written earlier this week. He has now written the same ByeBye Bobby column 3 times this week.
And, shockingly, he takes a meaningless swipe at the Liverpool ownership.
If anyone can write about a team just going through the motions and mailing it in it's Dan.