Sunday, September 23, 2012


So Shank, talking with one of the titans of baseball brilliance Michael Felger, says Ben Cherington should quit if he doesn't get to choose the manager.

It's a shocking statement for a guy who prides himself so much on baseball history. Doesn't The CHB remember that the one and only George Steinbrenner hired (and fired) every manager of the Yankees during his 37-year reign? And that the Yankees won seven World Series championships during that time?

Can it be the same CHB, who has been whining for two years that the John Henry Group isn't involved enough in the team, is now bitching that the ownership is too involved? (head spinning)

Oh, and there's the gratuitous shot at Bill James. Let's go over this again:
  • No. of World Series wins with Bill James-influencing the Red Sox: 2
  • No. of World Series wins with Bill James not influencing the Red Sox: 0
Perhaps that math is too much for Shank.

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Monkeesfan said...

I actually have some agreement with Shank on the worth of Bill James - the Red Sox didn't win until they stopped falling in love with the hitting dimensions of Fenway and actually got deep pitching; sabermetrics is overrated and people subscribing to the Moneyball myth ignored that Oakland A's pitching is why they won (and are winning now).