Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swing And A Miss

I missed a blue moon event on Sunday - the rare second Shank column in the same day.
The Celtics are everybody’s favorite team in Boston in the spring of 2012, and they won another pulsating playoff game Saturday night, beating the Philadelphia 76ers, 92-91, in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series. But it’s hard to get too excited about a series against these Sixers, who are just so young and . . . anonymous. Really. How much energy can you manufacture for this round? Seen anybody wearing a “Iguodala Sucks’’ T-shirt lately?
Now that the Celtics lost Game 2, I guess now is a good a time as any to get excited.

By the way, when does Shank write his next Curt Schilling column? If you're Shank, you generally need someone else to take the first shot at Schilling, then Shank is usually third man in to try to finish him off. Or is this article enough cover fire for Shank to go after Curt's flank?

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ObjectiveBruce said...

I'm almost giddy. First, the blogger is ready to give it up because he doesn't want to join the hundreds of thousands who pay actual cash to read The Globe, preferring to stay with the crowd that thinks news should either be free or the product of some bloggers imagination.

And now The Great Schill, who was going to make everyone forget newspapers in general and Shaughnessy in particular, is in a deep, deep hole and has got some explaining to do about what happened to all the money the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation put up to fund his toy factory.

On how many levels is this serendipitous? We have someone who was going to make newspapers irrelevant by blogging observing the nine-month anniversary of the last time he blogged. Eighteen blog entries in two years. And the blogger writes silly nonsense about Shaghnessy's alleged lack of effort.

This same guy decided he needed his voice to be heard in politics ("The Government has done nothing but spend, and grow, at a time when we have no money to spend and absolutely unequivocally NO need for a larger government.") has now blown through $50 million in government money after grabbing 60% of Rhode Island's business incentive fund money, and now can't make the interest payment due this month.

The Boston Globe ain't going anywhere. But the silly Shaughnessy "watchers" and The Great Schill sure are.