Sunday, January 15, 2012


That's Shank, with two columns in two days!
FOXBOROUGH - Route One was Easy Street. Foxborough was The Big Easy. Everybody at Gillette had that Peaceful, Easy Feeling. The game could have been dedicated to the late Easy Ed Macauley.

Tebow TV ratings took a big dive.

Winning their first playoff game in four years, the Patriots annihilated the Denver Broncos, 45-10, at frosty Gillette Stadium last night. It was a beating of - dare we say - biblical proportions.
The column does improve from there, but Shank gets way ahead of himself at the very end:
Wouldn’t it be something if this group turns out to be the team that does what the 18-0 team could not do. What if this turns out to be the Patriots team that wins the next Super Bowl?
Don't jinx us, man. You know the cliche; take it one game at a time...

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HeavyD said...

Shank is just the worst. My favorite is how in Saturday's column he advised John Fox to defer if he won the coin toss. Then, in Sunday's column he calls out the fact that it backfired.

Just the worst.