Sunday, January 08, 2012

That's Entertainment

A few times a year, Shank pretends to care about Boston Bruins hockey. This is one of those times.
Playing the Vancouver Canucks is like playing a collection of A-Rods or a full squad of Bill Laimbeers. The defending NHL Western Conference champions are a virtual conga line of Claude Lemieuxes and Ulf Samuelssons.

They are posers and floppers, arrogant and cowardly. It’s hard to believe Cam Neely ever wore their sweater. Beating them up is just so much fun, and flipping one of them butt-over-tea kettle sweetens the day. But you can’t put them on the power play 11 times or they will make you pay.
This is his best hockey column in quite some time.

While we're talking about hockey, I watched part of the Maine - UNH game at Fenway Park last night. I'm pretty sure it was Shank in the booth as an 'analyst'. I only tuned in for thirty seconds or so before turning it off, because Shank was simply awful. I thought he sucked so bad I couldn't bear to stick around long enough to confirm it was him. Whether or not it was Shank, NESN needs to reassess the announcing structure for future college hockey games.

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Monkeesfan said...

NESN needs to bring back Dale Arnold in some kind of hockey play-by-play capacity.