Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indiana Dreaming

What's this? A rare midweek column from Shank?
Go ahead and knock yourself out dissecting and analyzing Sunday’s conference championship games. Ravens vs. Patriots, followed by Giants vs. 49ers makes for a Sunday smorgasbord of playoff thrills and tension.

Not me. I’ve already moved on. These potentially spectacular title games are merely compulsory exercises; games that must be played in order for us to get to the game that everybody is really thinking about.

Super Bowl XLVI. At Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. New England Patriots vs. New York Giants.
A better sentiment if it was made before all the other ones, but it's a decent column nonetheless. The cynical part of me thinks that Shank is angling for this rematch in order for the Patriots to lose (not a stretch for Shank) in order to write his new book, "The Curse of the Belichikbino" or some such.

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