Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hauntingly Bad

Scouring the Globe's sports pages, I stumble upon Shank's latest Bruins bandwagon 'effort' and, right off the bat, this sorry excuse for a columnist ruins it with a Bruce Springsteen song lyric:
“Time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days.’’
He has the boring part down pat. Lazy only begins to describe this column. Shank insists that this club will be compared to the Big, Bad Bruins of the 1970's. I don't recall such fervored insistence when Shank jumped on previous bandwagons with respect to the Celtics and Red Sox. Well, maybe not the Red Sox...

A few paragraphs later, the truth is revealed:
Maybe it’s a Baby Boomer thing. Those of us born after World War II always think it’s about us. Our music was better. Our cars were faster. A sport was a sport. It was OK to hitchhike and eat cheeseburgers and nobody wondered whether Richard Nixon was born in the USA. Tom Menino is great, but he’s no Kevin White.
Self-centered & narcissistic - yup, that's our Danny Boy!

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