Sunday, June 05, 2011

Down In A Hole

Not just the Boston Bruins, but this article as well. Besides the painfully obvious fact that Shank, by his own admission, does not follow hockey, this column is peppered with Shankisms.

* Trademark negativism;

* Obligatory comparison(s) to the Boston Red Sox;

* Boring game recap;

* "Sons of (insert coach / manager's name here)";

* Baby boomer nostalgia / hearkening back to a better time & place ("It’s an article of faith that the New Garden can never be as loud at the old barn that was destroyed in the name of luxury boxes and air conditioning in the mid-1990s.");

* Bitch about ticket prices (..."the latest (and priciest) Bruins game of all time."), which is rich, coming from a man who likely has never actually paid for a ticket since he's been a professional writer. A real man of the people, this Shank...

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Monkeesfan said...

And watch for Shank to start "The Cup is coming back to Beantown!" after the 8-1 Vancouver Massacre.