Monday, September 20, 2010


A good first half for the Patriots, followed by a bad second half, results in a 28-14 loss to the New York Jets yesterday afternoon. Shank is all over the Patriots loss, chock full of lame metaphors, dumb cliches and choppy, disjointed writing. I was expecting a little more (ok, a lot more) nastiness in this article, but a little nastiness goes a long way (say, over the next five columns or so).


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the Shank was wrong about his prediction and wasn’t man enough the write about his delusional insights and how he force feeds his ignorance upon the masses.

The Jest made it to the AFC Championship game last year. They will be a force this year. The Pats have much work ahead. In their favor is that the rematch will be at Gillette.

Back to Shank our Fearless Bozo = he has no clue about the dynamics of athletic competition!


Monkeesfan said...

The JESTS were rescued three times (by the Colts, the Bengals twice, and Nate Kaeding) on their way to the AFC Championship Game. The reality is a bad team played desperation football and hideously overachieved.

Shank wants to pretend that Brady stopped going to the middle stuff and started forcing it to Moss - the reality is Moss was the only one available with everyone else covered. Cromartie can't cover people well; he overachieved grossly yesterday.

Anonymous said...


RE: The JESTS were rescued three times, see

"...dynamics of athletic competition..."

Sometimes the ball bounces in strange ways ... ask Bill Buckner.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why, just why?