Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pitiful Performance

That's Shank's description of the Jets' game last week. It also serves to describe the effort (lack thereof) put into this column. Third sentence in, we are welcomed once again to the cleverness of Dan Shaughnessy:

Yesterday, Brady Gaga softened his stance a little.
Soon thereafter, the column looks a lot like Shank's CNN / SI column from August 30. Shank keeps the professional tone intact by referring to Bill Belichick as 'Hoodie' and
Old Laughing Boy didn’t like that one, not one bit. He’s best served when surrounded by doubters and lightweights buying into the myth of Jet supremacy.
Compare that last sentence to what Shank wrote 2 weeks ago - not a hint of doubt about the myth of Jet supremacy. "I was for the Jets, before I was against them!"

Shank finishes with trademark mockery:

Division opponent. I love that one. It’s so understated. The Jets are a divisional opponent the way the Yankees are a divisional opponent.
Can his columns get any more derisive of the Patriots? Stay tuned!

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Monkeesfan said...

Can his columns get more derisive of the Patriots? They will now - it will be Belichick's fault for playcalling by Bill O'Brien or on defense or for not drafting superior players because the Patriots never trade up in the draft; heck, Shank might even get in a shot about Brady Gaga, even though we can be certain poor execution by Brady will be downplayed by Shank so he can blame Belichick or Moss or both.