Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mea Culpa?

Writing his weekly CNN / SI column, Shank has once again surprised us. Okay, maybe it's just me. Still, a recently emerging theme has reared its head - The My Bad Column. He wrote one of them a few months ago, and we get another one today that leads off with a huge whopper:

I hate writing about David Ortiz. Every time I say he's done, Ortiz goes on a tear. When I admit I'm wrong, he goes into a tailspin and I wonder if I was right in the first place.

I was certainly wrong about Ortiz in this space on April 12, when I wrote a column headlined, "Boston's big problem: Big Papi past his prime, no longer everyday DH.''

It seemed to be true at the time, but of course that was before Ortiz wound up being American League Player of the Month in May, when he hit .363 with 10 homers and 27 RBIs.
It's like a food court of column types! How many Shank column types are we up to (not necessarily in this order of frequency)?

* The Go Through The Motions column
* The Mail It In column (twin brother of the Go Through The Motions column)
* The Rip A Pro Athlete / Manager / Coach / Organization column
* The Good, Solid column
* The Local Non-Professional Athlete column
* The My Bad column
* The Picked Up Pieces column

If the Red Sox take 1st place in the AL East, we may even see another My Bad column in the near future. Sweet...

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Anonymous said...

I guess to sum it all up you could say Shank has no more insight than the average Joe Shmoe down at the local sports pub.... He has his opinions, sometimes he's right and sometimes he's wrong. The problem with Shank is that at the time he gives his opinions, he acts very smug and arrogant like his opinion is "fact".

Then when he's wrong it's like, "opps! bad"....please....just another reason why he's not worth paying attention to.