Sunday, November 15, 2009


Leading up to tonight's Patriots / Colts game, there must have been dozens of articles comparing quarterbacks Tom Brady & Peyton Manning. Clearly thinking outside the box, Shank gives us... another Brady / Manning column!

And what Shank comparison column would be complete without the obligatory Bird / Magic reference?


Last Tuesday, Brady was reminded that he and Manning are often compared to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

While the Bird / Magic angle has been badly overused by Shank in the past, his comparisons of Brady with Bird & Manning with Magic are spot on.

Shank then proceeds to mail in the remainder of the comparison column:


Outside the sports arena, Brady vs. Manning works well as a Ginger-Mary Ann Game:

Brady is Mary Ann, Manning is Ginger.


Anonymous said...

good Lord.......Shank has got to be the laziest sportswriter in history (and that's saying something!)......a Brady/Manning column, how original.

Anonymous said...

After tonight's Patriots loss, watch all of the resentment Shaughnessy feels towards Belichick get channeled into a typical Shank hatchet job. Because if you're not a source for CHB, then you're an enemy, and in that case god help you if you screw up. Because Shank's column is all about name-dropping, self-aggrandizement, score-settling and vendettas. And people wonder why it seems like Shaughnessy takes an almost perverse delight in the setbacks of the local teams; it's because these losses provide him the opportunity to temporarily soothe his envy and jealousy by ripping someone. For Shank, it's all good.