Monday, November 09, 2009

Smooth Shank

The Patriots win a tight game yesterday against a division rival and are currently 6 - 2 heading into next week's game against Indianapolis. Leave it to Shank to go negative and dump on Randy Moss!

FOXBOROUGH - He comes off as rude, ridiculous, self-important, and difficult. And nobody gives a hoot because Randy Moss can make plays on the football field.


With a reporter in the middle of a follow-up question, Moss abruptly turned and walked off the stage, out of the room, Bonds-like. There was no need for more talking. He had given us his game (six catches, 147 yards) and that would have to be enough.

We’re never going to know Randy Moss. He came to New England two years ago carrying considerable baggage and there was speculation he was finished as an impact player. All Moss has done since coming to the Patriots is catch passes and win games. He is a captain and he’s got Foxborough game balls. Woe is the reporter who accuses Moss of going through the motions. Belichick and his minions are ever-ready to defend Randy with froth and fury.

Shank says just enough nice things about Moss so it doesn't come off as a complete hatchet job, but we know better than that...


Paul said...

"He comes off as rude, ridiculous, self-important, and difficult."

I thought Shank was describing himself.

girlanachronism said...

"We're never going to know Randy Moss"? WTF. That's ludicrous. The guy's got a huge personality. It's also clear he has a ginormous man-crush for the ages on Tom Brady. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, a West Virginia accent, a rocky past with former teams that seems to have been turned around now that he's with the Patriots (and, I'm sure, as he's aged and matured). He also, by the way, has some tremendous athletic ability. What more do we need to know, exactly?

How about we break down the game, assess the Patriots' prospects, discuss the way Moss was used in the game about we get some actual analysis going instead of these ad hominem attacks over nothing?

The Globe is going to rue the day it lost Mike Reiss.

Bullock said...

This column was terrible, even by Shank's standards.

Anonymous said...

didn't even read it because I knew it would be a typical "Shank Job".....face it, if you read Shank then you must like being annoyed and aggravated.

Anonymous said...

Check out shank's piece for A bunch of recycled bits.

Stuff I already wrote

Anonymous said...

I've been out of town and have not read a Shank piece of in a while.

Guess I haven't missed much.

Shank still stirring up trouble.

girlanachronis is asking a lot - Shank breaking down a game vs. Shank pissing on the people.

Actually, why do we need him to break down a game when Tivo rules.

Guess Shanks knows about Power of the People (Internet, etc.) and so looks for his minions to fool, fiddle, and f____.


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure dan is a lesbian. i have seen his "wife" and she is definitely the pants wearer. maybe that's why he hates male athletes so much.