Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well rested after his last effort, Shank cranks out a pretty good column about today's Patriots - N.Y. Jets game. He chronicles the week's trash talk, gives some good highlights about the rivalry over the past fifty years, and makes a few funny points.

I think he overstates one thing, though:

Patriots fans grow up to hate the Jets the way Red Sox fans hate the Yankees.

In terms of longevity and intensity of the two rivalries, comparing the two is a stretch.

Welcome aboard the Patriots bandwagon, Dan!


Anonymous said...

If the Pats lose....check that...even if the Pats win....Shank will be hopping off the banwagon soon....for he is the Shanker

RI_Guy said...

I hate to say it, but today was a damn fine article by Shank. I found it witty and it kept my interest all the way through.
Holy crap, the world's coming to an end!

Anonymous said...

yeah?.... I still didn't read it........once in a awhile this blind mouse called "Shank" finds a piece of cheese, it doesn't outweigh his numerous CRAPPY'll be a cold day in hell before I actually click on a Shank column. The slobs at the Globe will never be counting me as a "hit" on a Shank column....(and obviously I would never buy the paper. Why would anybody buy the globe, it's for free on-line)