Sunday, September 13, 2009

Memory Lane

Today's installment of Shankology is a look at the Boston Patriots. There are two sides to this coin: 54 year old farts like Objective Bruce will enjoy the history Dan tells, and tells fairly well; the under 40 crowd won't know or care what the hell he's talking about and might wonder if he's rewriting yet another column from an earlier year.


Anonymous said...

I'm an "old fart" myself but I can't say I liked it because I didn't read it.....I have a rule which is, "NEVER READ A SHANK COLUMN ABOUT THE PATRIOTS".....

ObjectiveBruce said...

Don't age me before my time, Roger.

Paul said...

Please tell me there was a Clive Rush reference!

Monkeesfan said...

"Pat Patriot is back." Shank should know Phil Bissel's logo was the second logo in Patriots history - the first was the tricornered hat that looked better than Pat.

Shank whines that "it didn't have to change." Yes it did, Shank - the Boston Patriots, both as a team and as a marketing effort, was going nowhere - this is why the name was changed. Shank shows his snobbishness by noting that the Patriots played "where the Beanpot schools lived," as if they're worth anything for football.

Shank actually advocates forcing the team to change the name back to Boston Patriots - Shank, the name stinks. New England Patriots works - it conveys the region just as Tennessee Titans conveys that region, as Carolina Panthers conveys that region, as Minnesota Vikings conveys that region.

Get over it, Shank - Houston deserves to get back the Oilers name more than the Patriots should abandon the New England name.

Monkeesfan said...

BTW, Paul, there is no Clive Rush reference, and no mention of his fight with Clark Booth.

Yikes - a Don Kent reference. So where's the plug for Candlepins For Cash? And what? Nothing about Dave Maynard or Larry Glick?

And Shank, surely you remember All World tight end Russ Francis.