Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Again

Dan offers an innocuous look at the Red Sox' return home to Fenway and a win over the Tigers. I am still so disgusted by this past weekend's effort (of Shaughnessy not the Red Sox) and stunned that he still has a job that I care not to comment further.


Anonymous said...

standard lazy Shank crap with standard lines like....

"the Sox tonight will be forced to start the "immortal" Junichi Tazawa"

he just loves the "immortal" line as we all know.....God, what a lazy piece of crap this guy is

ObjectiveBruce said...


What we do here is pick up every column and begin reading with an eye toward finding stuff to complain about. We search for ways to condemn the columnist, mainly because he upsets our view of the world, which is one in which we do not tolerate any deviation from slavish devotion to Our Heroes. Unfortunately, I can't think of much to say after being completely mezmorized, if not bamboozled, by Ortiz's news conference over the weekend -- you know the one wehre I referred to the argument of his attorney as "compelling," while, in the height of hypocrisy, ripping the columnist for being "ready to prematurely attack" without copious research. Dan must do research; I can simply find defense of Our Heroes "compelling." Since today's column doesn't fit with my agenda, I'll ignore it, but will take the advantage of the opportunity to take another shot at prior efforts that were more malleable to my agenda..


Meanwhile I just stumbled on a great trivia question about the only person to play for both the Red Sox and Honey Russell and no it wasn't Gene Conley. But that would be wasted on a site where history doesn't matter.

Chris said...

Well, 'immortal' is also what Shaughnessy probably thought he was. With a now-vanquished 'Lifetime work guarantee,' his was a highway with no one on it. A womb-to-the-tomb paycheck for sub-standard work. No wonder Globies fawn all over the bullet-proof Public sector. But today is a new day for the Globe, as it moves (hopefully) to a paid-for model where Shaughnessy's rantings will bounce around within the small confines of a subscriber-supported universe. In the meantime, no TV gigs are surfacing for the poor boy while opportunities abound for the REAL Chairman Emeritus at The Globe...Bob Ryan. No wonder everything Shaughnessy writes drips with contempt and disdain.

Paul said...

"the Sox tonight will be forced to start the "immortal" Junichi Tazawa"

Umm, Shank...can we let this kid pitch in a real game (not that 15-inning farce) before we unleash the snark hounds?

And Shank wonders why people won't talk to him outside of press conferences.

Oh, and OB, I like sports history but you can't blame people for not knowing esoteric facts about every single Boston sports team since 1947. I don't mind being educated in sports history but there's a limit.

For instance, what bearing does Clive Rush have on my enjoyment of the Patriots today? None. He was a losing coach in a losing era for the Pats. The only interesting thing that happened to him was that he was shocked by a microphone.

I'm sure all my 30-somthing buddies who watch football on Sundays in the fall will be enlightened and entertained with that juicy piece of Pats history.

Anonymous said...


You need to try a different “juice” in the morning.

How about optimism? That should do the trick. You think The Shank will try some.

Look back at Dave M.’s last post on the “Shameless Shank” piece. He talks about heroes.

Isn’t that the core of sports? = a relationship between performer and observer where the “fan” gets to fly away with battles of the athlete.

As “sports” evolved the reporters entered into the equation, but today, with mass communication, what role do these reporters serve?

The Shank has always tried to sway public opinion towards his agenda. I don’t recall him ever promoting healthy debates. Sure he throws a sentimental article here and there but his “core” is selfish.

And selfishness breeds discord.

As a fan I can see the games for myself and it gets annoying when another observer tries to dump their reality on us.

Perhaps the “juice” that The Shank should try is “respect” for another human beings intellect.

How about Respect, Optimism mixed in with Due Diligence and you might get a “reporter.”

That would be historical for The Shank.

And don’t try and tell me what you think the reporter’s role should be because whatever The Shank is doing isn’t working.

Can’t wait for the “subscriber-supported universe” so that we can finally resolve this Shankster matter.


Anonymous said...

I would address Bruce but I think the comments under the last entry said pretty much everything.

Shank Looks Like an Old women said...

ObjectiveBruce said...

"What we do here is pick up every column and begin reading with an eye toward finding stuff to complain about"

and it's not hard to find something....jeeze Bruce, what don't you get?....we are not trying to hide anything here. WE DO NOT LIKE SHANK. None of your incoherent ramblings is going to change anyone's mind about Shank. I understand, you are a Shank fanboy but you are wasting your time here.

Dave M said...

I regret that I have been on the road and missed another outstanding contribution from Mr Shaughnessy, New England's best sportswriter. I figured I would chip in with a little fun note for Bruce and then hope to get back on schedule. Bruce was kind enough to offer a translation of my recent post. I was so moved that I thought I would return the favor. The following is a translation of a Bruce post (pick any post and you got it)

Hi, my name is Bruce. Dan Shaughnessy is not only my HERO, he is my GOD. The Pope has bestowed his power of infallibility with Dan but with no others. Therefore Dan can do no wrong or say wrong. Every word issued by Dan is TRUTH. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was Dan and the word was with Dan. The light shines through the darkness by way of Dan.

It is my solemn and righteous work to uphold the infallibility of Dan for He is my God, my HERO. If he is accused of saying wrong or doing wrong, I must rush to his side. If there is merit in those who attack his just and perfect words, it matters not. For he is Dan, Dan the Man and all others are a sham. I will protect Dan by changing the subject and confusing the issue by use of warped and tortured logic. For he is Dan, Dan the Man, who speaks the truth like no others can. I worship Dan and the Father and to hell with all those fanboy bloggers. And God forbid, they make a valid case. I will obfuscate and not answer their accusations…for we are talking about Dan who speaks the TRUTH and needs no explanations. For he is Dan, Dan the Man who sits at the Father’s right hand


Well I have a chance, let me address you other points BRUCE, what I found compelling about the atorney’s talk is that in less than a minute, he cast doubt on the almighty list. This is the list that the immortal Shaughnessy was too lazy to look into although he could have simply done a little poking to find out that the LIST should be approached with some amount of uncertainty. Dan was too lazy/incompetent to do this and he was premature in his accusations. You still have not really addressed this cardinal sin of your boy, Dan, have you Brucie? Keep changing the topic if you must. But, I think it has taken too long for you to respond to this accusation that Dan did wrong and I can only conclude that you know Dan must be guilty—because that is the way it works in Brucie world, isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

LMAO!...That was an all time classic, Dave...."For he is Dan, Dan the Man who sits at the Father’s right hand".....HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA