Saturday, August 08, 2009

Game recap

Dan lays out a straightforward game recap and an honest (negative but not overly so) perspective of recent Red Sox recent collapses in the wake of the Red Sox crushing but nonetheless thrilling loss to the Yankees in 15 innings last night.

This being said, Shaughnessy does not offer much beyond what Amalie Benjamin's game recap offers....besides reminding us for the 300th time of the year that Manny (Act 1) quit and the year Theo stood still at the trading deadline.

Dan also offers an interesting line when he says, "It was mildly reminiscent of a magical event at Candlestick Park in 1963. That was the night 42-year-old Warren Spahn and prime-time Juan Marichal locked up for 16 innings of shutout ball. " He says that as if he were there throwing the word "mildly" in for good measure...which I sort of doubt that he was.

Dan is sure to be covering the Ortiz press conference today and that will make for interesting fodder in all sorts of ways. I hold out hope that Ortiz will provide an honest approach in which people will look back in years to come and say "That is way this issue should have been handled" but I dont think that will happen...CHB must be over the top waiting for this one...and I fear for years we will be hearing "Ah yes, 2009...the year of Massacre II and the year Ortiz lied"

Stay tuned my friends


Dave M said...

[Just edited my original post - changed 16 innings to 15 innings]

In other news, Boston Sports Media refers to emerging news that the Globe may start charging for its online content. WIll be an interesting development. I would probably shell out $20-$25 a year but definitely not going down the monthly subscription route if it comes to that. Will see how that develops.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Dan will be covering the Ortiz presser alright: from the back row, where he usually cowers. I swear, Shank's proudest part of the column will be the dateline 'NEW YORK,' where he gets to boast that he was actually in attendance. I've never seen a media hack more boastful of his travels on someone else's dime than Shank. The paid-for model will now give him a smaller audience to boast to, which is a good thing.

NFL Picks said...

Ortiz is a sad story right now. If you didn't take any steroids and your going to deny doing it, why does it take you 5 days to prepare after the story is released, when you were asked so many times before then and had "no comment". A-Rod took the right road even though the whole truth wasn't revealed. Ortiz may end up going down as hated as Barry Bonds without the numbers to back him up.