Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Dan writes about Nomar's return to Fenway last night. Dan reminds us of how beloved Nomar was before it all went south. Dan says "He bled for this team for eight seasons."

I am surprised Dan gives Nomar eight seasons of credit because wasn't it old Dan who said that Nomar had to go? Wasn't it Dan who was leading the "Get Nomar out of here" bandwagon because Nomar had quit on the team in the bitter end? But, now good ole Dan is actually hinting that a reunion between the Sox and Nomar would be a good idea? As much as I think that a reunion would be kind of cool, it is disingenuous for Dan to be the one to suggest it. I imagine it is akin to a friend of a married couple who is pushing for the couple to get divorced only to say a couple years later, "You guys should get together. You would make a great couple."

Dan, you are truly an idiot.


Anonymous said...

In Feeding the Monster, Mnookin explains that, after writing the article about how Nomar had to go, Shaughnessy did not go into the Boston clubhouse and avoided Nomar until he was traded. What a big man Dan is. I assume he's on the west coast right now, still covering Manny, since he showed how brave he was in 2004.

Dave M said...

Good point Anon. Shank is a total ass. In fact, it was Shanks articles leading up to and in the aftermath of the Nomar that awoke me to what an ass he is.

This article

really galled me. For a month, Shank had been writing that Nomar had to go. The Sox trade him and then Shank suggests that the trade is this huge referendum of Sox management...on the one hand, he suggests there is no debate. yet, he flips and opens the debate right up after the trade happens.
His final comment in this column is completely unprofessional.

WHat a horroble columnist

Anonymous said...

You guys are kidding, right?

The Shank flip flopped?

Again he communicates to fools (his target market); what a tool!