Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baseball's Softer Side

On Monday night, Dustin Pedroia missed the Red Sox game because his wife went into premature labor. Dan talks about the old school days of baseball when players missed births and graduations compared to baseball's new softer side where family trumps baseball. He posits that Terry Francona represents the best of new and old in his approach to managing the game and its players.

Perhaps, I am reading too much into this but I think there is some Shark snarkiness here when he notes that the Red Sox were thrashed by the lowly Oakaland A's but then says:

No problem. The important thing was that Kelli Pedroia was OK and Dustin Pedroia had some peace of mind
And he concludes the column noting that Pedroia's return to the lineup came as the Red Sox won the game.

In my mind, the two words "no problem" is tinged by Shank sarcasm. Perhaps I am too jaded by Shank's continued negative vibes?


Anonymous said...


The Shank is the ultimate negative vibe.

He radiates self-serving targeted vindicative opinions and expects the fools to rally behind his cause.

Deceit begets fraud.

The Globe will be accountable.


Anonymous said...

I do think you're jaded. Far be it from me to defend him, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. That line sounds genuine.