Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Graciousness

I must admit that I didn't expect it.

But Dan continues to surprise and pens a gracious, well-written column about Big Papi finally breaking out of his homerless slump in the wake of a smarmy column he wrote for Wednesday's Globe.

For some reason, the site is not allowing me to emplace a link to the website, so here it is:

He's not only been strangely productive of late, but rather muted regarding his usual snotty, inflammatory missives.


Paul said...

So you didn't think that part about "All is right in the baseball world" part was horrible?

Or the "Walk the Line" reference?

There was smarm and pap aplenty in this article.

girlanachronism said...

Yeah, but at least he wasn't nasty. I think he knows Papi's the one player right now that you don't f with. Then I think the pitchforks and torches would be on their way to Dan's house en masse...

Dave M said...

Jerry - how are you feeling?
Have been reading your book - a good read